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August 6, 1951

Specific Details about King Abdullah's ['Abd Allāh] Assassination

This document was made possible with support from Youmna and Tony Asseily


Subject: specific details about King Abdullah's assassination


Following my report dated the 4th of the month regarding the same subject:


It is confirmed that the Italian Monsignor Eugene, Director of the Terra Santa College in Jerusalem, is tightly linked to the assassination of late King Abdullah; he has, however, managed to escape to Israel as evidenced by Father 'Ayyad's attempts to get in touch with him.


1. It was also confirmed that the assassin's mother and uncle were the ones who implicated these two men by giving the names of all those who paid frequent visits to the assassin or had any links with him.


It is believed that Monsignor Eugene and Father 'Ayyad's motive for assassinating the King is the latter's refusal to internationalise the holy sites in Jerusalem thus going against the wishes of His Holiness the Pope and the Christian and Islamic worlds. In any case, this subject needs further study and assessment.


2. I learned today that the woman who carried the letter from Jordanian Major Abdullah al-Tal in Egypt to Dr Mousa Abdullah al-Husseini in Jerusalem is the wife of Mr Nasri Nazzal, brother of the owner of the Philadelphia Hotel in Amman and another big hotel in Ramallah. The letter, which was discovered during a search of Dr Mousa al-Husseini's home, deals with issues relevant to His Majesty the King's assassination; it shed considerable light on a number of matters related to the investigation

Specific details about King Abdullah's assassination


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