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August 27, 1944

Stalin's conversation with Boleslaw Bierut

28 August 1944


Bierut’s account of his audience with Stalin:


He brought up the problem of the arresting of Poles which must be settled properly since it infringes Polish sovereignty.  He also raised the question of the arrest of the Polish émigrés in 1937.  Stalin ordered a review of Polish affairs in the years 1934-1939 and possibly their reappraisal.


Drobner moved a vote of thanks to Bierut.


Drobner raised the matter of industries in Rzeszów, and Red Army confiscations here, which did not however affect two aircraft factories which were under Soviet management.


Witos suggested sending a PKWN representative to Lvov to look after the Polish population.


Stalin and Bierut discuss the treatment of the Poles and Polish sovereignty at the hands of the Soviets since 1937.

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Polonsky, Antony and Boleslaw Drukier, eds. Beginnings of Communist Rule in Poland. (Boston: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1980) 268.


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