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January 21, 1957

Summary of the Two Conversations between Premier Zhou and Prime Minister Khan of Afghanistan

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Summary of the Two Conversations between Premier Zhou [Enlai] and Prime Minister [Mohammed Daoud] Khan of Afghanistan



To the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Investigation Department of the CCCPC:


Please find below the summary of the two conversations between Premier Zhou [Enlai] and Prime Minister Mohammed Daoud Khan of Afghanistan. The detailed transcripts of the conversations will be brought back by Chen Dingmin.


First, Egypt’s resistance to [foreign] invasion has received support and sympathy from the Arab countries as well as from peace-seekers from all over the world. This symbolizes the spirit of the Asian-African Conference. Prime Minister Khan agreed with Premier Zhou’s analysis of Eisenhower-ism.


There will be further detailed discussions of the issue of Pakhtoonistan. Prime Minister Khan appreciates Premier Zhou’s expression of sympathy.


Both sides agreed to further develop the economic and technological partnership between China and Afghanistan. China will be notified about the details of the Afghani assistance program after Afghanistan’s economic delegation has returned from its visit to China and drafted a detailed blue print. The Premier told Prime Minister Khan that he would cable the government to arrange multiple days for the Afghani economic delegation’s visit in China, so that they will gain more information and reference for future economic and technological partnerships and specific programs between the two countries.


Both countries agreed to further strengthen the relationship between the two counties by deploying delegations with representatives in various industries from both countries as signs of friendship. [These] are also aimed to strengthen communications of problems between the two countries.  China is welcome to send students to Afghanistan to study the Persian language. In return, Afghanistan will also send students to China for academic purposes when necessary.


Finally, both sides agreed on publishing a communiqué and are now in the process of discussions and drafting. [Both sides] are prepared to sign [a communiqué] tomorrow.                                                           


Zhang Yan

21 January [1957]




Zhou Enlai and Mohammed Daoud Khan agree to strengthen cooperation between China and Afghanistan.

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PRC FMA 203-00024-08. Translated by Joanna Wenjie Zhang.


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