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June 25, 1953

TASS on Radio Liberation Broadcast to Soviet Military in Germany during June 1953 East German Revolt

Top Secret

Nº 862. 25 June 1953     

Vile American Radio Propaganda


(Radio station Liberation in Russian, 00:15, 24 June, official transcript)


(the  beginning  of  the  broadcast  was  not  received  for  technical reasons)


Officers and men of the group of occupation forces! You have been sent to suppress German workers who have rebelled. Return to the barracks and tell your comrades how the workers are fighting for their rights. The revolt of the Berlin workers and their courage should serve as an example for the Soviet Army. […]


Wives of Soviet officers and soldiers, tell your husbands, Soviet officers, and men what you are learning from German friends, neighbors, cleaning women, drivers, and apartment owners. Show local residents that your sympathies are on the side of the workers who have rebelled and are striking. Tell them that our people deeply sympathize with their brave struggle.


A new radio station is on the air, the radio station of the coordinating center of the anti-Bolshevik struggle is on the air. Listen to Liberation Radio.


Thirty-three copies were printed. Distribution was made to:


1–2 to Comrade. Malenkov
3–4 to Comrade. L. P. Beria
5–6 to Comrade. V. M. Molotov
7 to Comrade K. Ye. Voroshilov
8 to Comrade. N. S. Khrushchev
9 to Comrade. N. A. Bulganin
10 to Comrade. L. M. Kaganovich
11 to Comrade. A. I. Mikoyan
12 to Comrade. M. Z. Saburov
13 to Comrade. M. G. Pervukhin
14 to Comrade. M. A. Suslov
15 to Comrade. P. K. Ponomarenko
16 to Comrade. P. N. Pospelov
17 to Comrade. N. N. Shatalin
18 to Comrade. S. N. Kruglov
19 to Comrade. A. Ya. Vyshinsky
20–21 to Comrade. A. A. Gromyko
22 to Comrade. B. Z. Kobulov
23 to Comrade. I. A. Serov
24 to Comrade. V. G. Grigoryan
25 to Comrade. V. S. Ryasnyy
26 to Comrade. S. A. Goglidze
27 to Comrade. V. A. Zorin
28 to Comrade. P. V. Fedotov
29–30 to the TASS 4th department file
31–33 to the archives


This TASS bulletin containing the transcript of a Radio Liberation broadcast urging Soviet forces stationed in East Germany to “return to the barracks” was sent to top Soviet officials. Radio Liberation, later to be renamed Radio Liberty, went on the air in March 1953.

Document Information


State Archives of the Russian Federation, GARF. F. R-4459. Op. 38. D. 495. pp. 404-5, 410. Obtained by Vladimir Tolz. Translation by Gary Goldberg.


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