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June 26, 1953

TASS on Voice of America Broadcast Citing Radio Liberation Appeal to Soviet Military in Germany

Top Secret

26 June 1953      


New York (Voice of America in Russian, 17:15, 25 June, official transcript)


New York. The radio station Liberation, which is under the control of the coordinating center of Russian anti-Communist organizations to fight Bolshevism, turned to Soviet occupation troops in East Germany in connection with the worker unrest in the Soviet zone of Germany.


Under the general heading of “What is to be done?,” the radio station Liberation turned to Soviet occupation troops with the following appeals:


“Officers and men of the Group of Forces! The demands of the Berlin workers are also the demands of our workers. Their struggle is our struggle. The Berlin workers have acted against a dictatorship in the name of all enslaved peoples, including our people. Don’t shoot at the workers! Show Berliners that we are on their side, that you are not gendarmes but brothers in a common struggle for workers’ rights.


Soviet patrols in Berlin! Show that you are on the side of the workers when patrolling the streets of Berlin. Fraternization with the workers of Berlin will convince the whole world that the Soviet Army and our people are against the Communist dictatorship. In case of danger, go to the Western sectors. Crossing over to the West, a refusal to act against workers will show the whole world on whose side the Soviet Army and our people are. Together with the workers of Berlin you will become an example for Soviet troops and for our people among us in the Motherland.”


Thirty-four copies were printed. Distribution was made to:


1–2 to Comrade. Malenkov
3–4 to Comrade. L. P. Beria
5–6 to Comrade. V. M. Molotov
7 to Comrade. K. Ye. Voroshilov
8 to Comrade. N. S. Khrushchev
9 to Comrade. N. A. Bulganin
10 to Comrade. L. M. Kaganovich
11 to Comrade. A. I. Mikoyan
12 to Comrade. M. Z. Saburov
13 to Comrade. M. G. Pervukhin
14 to Comrade. M. A. Suslov
15 to Comrade. P. K. Ponomarenko
16 to Comrade. P. N. Pospelov
17 to Comrade. N. N. Shatalin
18 to Comrade. S. N. Kruglov
19 to Comrade. A. Ya. Vyshinsky
20–21 to Comrade. A. A. Gromyko
22 to Comrade. B. Z. Kobulov
23 to Comrade. I. A. Serov
24 to Comrade. V. G. Grigoryan
25 to Comrade. V. S. Ryasny
26 to Comrade. S. A. Goglidze
27 to Comrade. V. A. Zorin
28 to Comrade. P. V. Fedotov
29 to Comrade G. M. Pushkin
30–31 to the TASS 4th department file
32–34 to the archives


This document is the transcript of a VOA broadcast citing part of the Radio Liberation program mentioned in the 25 May TASS bulletin.

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State Archives of the Russian Federation, GARF. F. R-4459. Op. 38. D. 495. pp.425-6, 430. Obtained by Vladimir Tolz. Translation by Gary Goldberg.


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