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August 18, 1977

Telegram 085099 from the Romanian Embassy in Pyongyang to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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TELEGRAM  085099

To: the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

From: the Romanian Embassy in Pyongyang

Subject: the Korean Question

Date: August 18, 1977

Classification: Secret


G. Helman, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs, mentioned the following:


1. Recently, North Korea envoys have begun approaching the US again with the proposal of organizing bilateral meetings in view of discussing the situation in the Korean Peninsula. The US responded in concordance with its established position that it cannot accept such a proposal as long as the participation of South Korean officials is excluded.


2. Presently, the US has no knowledge of the DPRK’s intentions to reiterate its well-known resolutions at the next UN General Assembly. However, the US does not exclude the possibility that the DPRK will act around certain states in order to cause conflict at the 32nd Assembly based on these resolutions.


If this were to happen, the US will proceed in the same manner it has thus far and ensure that a sufficient number of votes will overturn such resolutions.


3. The US administration is careful not to trigger negative reactions in Pyongyang and, therefore, proceeds in a prudent manner, leaving the DPRK to believe that the US is in favor of a joint dialogue with the two Koreas.


As such, Helman emphasized that President Carter places great importance on avoiding tensions in the Korean Peninsula.


Signed: Gh. Ionita

The Romanian Embassy in Pyongyang reports to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on North Korea's efforts to engage the US in bilateral meetings and reiterate resolutions at the next UN General Assembly. It also describes the US administration as reluctant to avoid tensions on the Korean peninsula.


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Archive of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Folder 933/1977, Issue 220/H: Partial US troop withdrawal from South Korea – Discussions regarding the reunification of the two countries, January – October 1977. Obtained and translated for NKIDP by Eliza Gheorghe.


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