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February 11, 1977

Telegram on Argentina's Stance Regarding a Brazil-West Germany Nuclear Cooperation Agreement

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(Argentina stance on Brazilian-German nuclear deal)


Telegram received

From: Embassy in Ottawa

Date: 02/11/77

No: 118




Nuclear energy. Agreement

Brazil-FRA. Position of Argentina.


118 61735. Reference circular cable 10.627. Information: “The Buenos Aires government should officially support Brazil on the issue of the nuclear cooperation agreement with the FRA”, the Ambassador of Argentina here, Esteban Taracs, told me. He said further that “if the USA succeeds in preventing or limiting the German-Brazilian, agreement the next objective will be the sabotage of the Brazilian nuclear program”.

Two. Taracs seemed very angry with the problems raised here for the sale of the CANDU reactor and affirmed that Argentina will seek to purchase its third nuclear plant from Western Germany.

(Signed) SILOS


A telegram received from the Brazilian Embassy in Ottawa, detailing Argentina's stance regarding a nuclear cooperation agreement between West German and Brazil.


Document Information


Brazilian Foreign Ministry Archives


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