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November 20, 1945

Telegram from Baku to Moscow, 'Additional Information Received from Tabriz'

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FROM BAKU 20 November 1945


to MOSCOW, to Cde. STALIN, to Cde. MOLOTOV, to Cde. BERIA, and to Cde. MALENKOV


According to additional information received from Tabriz on 19 November of this year by 2400 Baku time, on 17 November during the disarmament of a gendarmerie post in the city of Sarab, where one of the partisans was killed, a platoon of Iranian soldiers was also disarmed by the latter. According to information from Tabriz Iranian authorities sent a detachment of 300 gendarmes from the city of Zanjan in the direction of Meyaneh to fight the partisans. According to information from our military units on 18 November in the village of Karej, which is between Tehran and Qazvin, two battalions of the 2nd Guards Infantry Division and one company of gendarme arrived with the intention of going to the city of Tabriz.


The Minister of War of Iran turned to our attaché, Colonel Razin, for permission to let these troops pass through to Tabriz. On 19 November General Dorokshani [SIC, spelled Darakhshani in subsequent reports] again turned to General Glinsky, the commander of Soviet troops in Tabriz, for permission to let a detachment of three companies of Iranian soldiers pass to the cities of Meyaneh and Maraga; evidently the Iranian authorities are trying to bring regular troops into action against the partisans.


The Kurds of Northern Kurdistan from the regions of Mahabad, Rezayeh, and Shahpur are persistently asking, in the event of operations by Iranian troops against Azerbaijani partisans, for permission be given them to help the latter. In connection with the disarmament of the platoon of Iranian troops which occurred in the city of Sarab we have given a categorical order not to act against units of the Iranian army barring extreme necessity.





Received via VCh

21 Nov 1945


Telegram to top Soviet officials discussing Iranian troop operations against Azerbaijani partisans, both of which are asking the Soviets for assistance. States that orders have been given for Soviet forces to act against Iranian ones only under extreme necessity.

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RGASPI, f. 558, op. 11, d. 99, ll. 0005-0006. Contributed by Jamil Hasanli and translated by Gary Goldberg.


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