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January 10, 1972

Telegram from George Macovescu to Romanian Ambassador in Moscow

Telegram of George Macovescu, Romanian Deputy Foreign Minister, to the Romanian Ambassador in Moscow, 10 January 1972.


For Moscow


We ask you to urgently request an audience with the leadership of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the USSR, mentioning that you would very much prefer to be received by comrade Deputy Minister N.P. Firiubin. You will point out that [the reason behind your request] is an issue connected with the approaching Prague Conference of the Consultative Political Committee of the countries participating in the Warsaw Treaty .

Within the framework of the audience you will indicate that, in accordance with what was agreed upon on the occasion of the meeting in Warsaw of the first secretaries, a preliminary reunion was to be organized with a view to reaching an agreement on the draft documents intended for the Prague Conference of the Consultative Political Committee. Until the date of the conference, only a short period of time – practically, less than two weeks – remained, but up to now no working materials for the draft documents have been received.

Under these circumstances, it is imperious to duly take some measures in order that the necessary preparatory works can be carried out. We are of the opinion that it would be appropriate to organize – as soon as possible – a preliminary working meeting, so that an agreement on the draft documents can be reached before the Prague Conference.

In actual fact, the practical experience gained on the occasion of the meetings that have taken place so far in connection with the Warsaw Treaty demonstrates that, when there was a possibility to know the draft documents beforehand, and there was collaboration in the work on them, the meetings proceeded in a good atmosphere and concluded with good results.

As regards the form of the preliminary consultations to be organized, you will point out that we are flexible and ready to accept any formula convenient to all the parties and enabling them to conduct the preliminary works in good conditions.
Please pay due attention to this task, and take care that this démarche is achieved as soon as possible.
Please inform us immediately on the results of your conversation.

ss/George Macovescu

Macovescu is directing the Ambassador to seek an appointment the Deputy Foreign Minister of the USSR. He instructs the Ambassador to do this in order to begin planning for an upcoming meeting of Political Consultative Committee meeting.


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Archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, no volume number, 01/00279. 11.12.197. DR, vol.2.


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