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November 28, 1973

Telegram from G.L. Malik, Indian Ambassador to Chile

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Tel: SANT/101/3/73

DATE: November 28, 1973

FROM: G.J. Malik, Ambassador to Chile

TO: Shri Saad M. Hashmi, Director (Coordination), MEA


…Personally, I have never felt that suicide or death was an important issue. Allende died defending his palace with his last breath and whether he committed suicide to avoid falling a prisoner, died in the fighting, or was murdered after surrender is not very important. However, in accordance with the normal Christian belief – and Allende was not an atheist – suicide is sinful. It may be that the Junta would like to pin that sin on him….Of course, no one in Chile can dare say openly that the Junta and other officers of the Armed Forces are traitors for having attacked their own President in the national palace. In fact, in South American conditions, this question is not usually raised.


Malik reflects on whether President Allende died by suicide or was murdered.


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File No. WII/101/20/73 – Vol. II. Obtained by Ryan Musto.

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