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October 16, 1980

Telegram from the Hungarian Embassy in Beijing, 'China on the KWP’s 6th Congress'

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BEIJING, 80. 10. 16.


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Subject: China on the KWP’s 6th Congress


The Chinese attitude towards the Korean Workers’ Party’s 6th congress can be preliminarily summarized as follows:


The Chinese press paid a lot of attention to the congress and the 35th anniversary celebrating the foundation of the KWP. Prior to the congress, it published a number of articles on life in Korea. On the occasion of the congress and the anniversary, Hua’s [Guofeng] letter to Kim Il Sung was significantly longer than in the previous years. The Chinese press covered the work of the congress in great detail; published Kim’s speeches almost in their entirety.


The Chinese delegation was highly ranked; the Koreans are very satisfied with that. The official statements regarding the congress, and Li Xiannian’s speech in Korea confirmed that the Chinese party still attaches great importance to their relations with Korea.


It is noteworthy that the stand of Li Xiannian was much sharper compared to the statements of Chinese leaders on the topic of Korea, either home or abroad. ––– for example first demanded the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the American troops from Korea. The Chinese party considered Kim’s 10 points as a realistic plan for reunification.


The Chinese press omitted the part detailing the relations to socialist countries from Kim’s speech, when he was assessing the achievements of the Korean Workers’ Party. But they published the part detailing the problems and difficulties of the party. From the coverage of Kim’s speech demanding the dissolution of the imperialist block, the Chinese press left out the ‘imperialist’ designation. It is worthy of attention that neither the greeting letter, nor the speech of Li Xiannian mentioned the juche concepts.


It is also notable that the Chinese side completely ignored mentioning the friendship treaty that the two countries signed in 1961. The Chinese press published the number of parties attending the congress, but did not mention the rank of their representatives.


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A report on the Chinese attitude towards the Korean Workers' Party 6th Congress.

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