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October 2, 1980

Telegram from the Hungarian Embassy in Pyongyang, 'KWP’s 6th Congress'

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PYONGYANG, 80. 10. 02.


Created by Se 14.30

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Referencing the no. 73 cipher telegram.


Subject: KWP’s 6th Congress


I forwarded the message to referent Lee Won-seon on October 1 at the Central Committee’s Foreign Division here.


His answers:


1)  There will be three Korean-Hungarian simultaneous interpreters. As a matter of fact, simultaneous interpretation will be available in 11 foreign languages.


2)  The final agenda will only be ready in a couple days, but he can state with confidence that nothing will interfere, as far as local schedules are concerned, with the return of Comrade Méhes, as the official programs end on October 14.


3)  The grand meetings will be held from October 10 to 13 in the breaks of the congress. He could not yet inform me about the exact time and place.


4)  There is a possibility of toasts at the banquet dinner on the day of the arrival, and at lunches or dinners during the countryside visit.


5)  He asked us to inform them in time about the language(s) our delegation requires the written documents in.


The referent said that so far more than a hundred delegations gave a positive answer to the invitation. The heads of states of many African countries indicated that they will personally lead their delegation. The delegation of the CPSU will be led by Comrade Grishin (in contrast to previous notices). The Romanian delegation by Ilie Verdeț, and the Chinese one by Li Xiannian. The Afghan party has not responded so far to the invitation.


– 166 charges d’affaires –


To be seen by

Comrade Szabó F.

Comrade Barity

Comrade Bobvos

Comrade T–si


Seen by

Comrade Bényei

Comrade Rátkai

The Hungarian Embassy in Pyongyang reports on the agenda of the 6th Congress of the KWP as well as the international delegations attending.

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MNL OL XIV-J-1-j Korea 25-001140/1980.Obtained by North Korean Materials Archive, IFES, Kyungnam University, and translated by Imre Májer.


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