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December 17, 1973

Telegram from J.S. Teja, Joint Secretary AMS, 'Self-contained note on the Government of India’s attitude to the developments in Chile'

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FROM: J.S. Teja, , Joint Secretary, AMS

TO: Lok Sabha Secretariat (Shri P.K. Patnaik, JS)

DATE: December 17, 1973


Self-contained note on the Government of India’s attitude to the developments in Chile


The overthrow of the democratically elected Government of President Allende by the Chilean Armed Forces in September this year was a great blow to the parliamentary traditions of Chile. The death of President Allende came as a great shock to the public opinion in India and in other countries. President Allende had been elected in a free and fair election and his Government had the support of several political parties. The manner of his overthrow was thus totally repugnant to our way of thinking. We believe that the use of violence to achieve political objectives is a negation of the democratic principles.


The legislative bodies and political parties in Chile are suspended and are no longer functioning although the new regime has declared that this would be a temporary measure and that these institutions would be restored after a suitable period of time. Serious allegations have also been made against the new regime for violating human rights especially in the treatment meted to the former supporters of President Allende. The Chilean Government has denied these charges and has made counter allegations. The Government and people of India have deplored the events in Chile as a set-back to democratic institutions, but it is essentially an internal affair of the Chilean people with whom Indian people have had friendly relations. We would like this relationship to be further strengthened in the future. India’s attitude to the developments in Chile was stated by the Foreign Minister Sardar Swaran Singh when speaking in the United Nations on October 2, 1973…(statement I already copied down)


…The Government of India has not yet accorded de jure recognition to the new Chilean Government. However, the Chilean Embassy in Delhi and the Indian Embassy in Santiago continue to perform their functions. Our embassy in Chile also looks after the interests of the USSR and Czech.


Report on the death of President Allende by the Chilean Armed Forces


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