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December 3, 1974

Telegram from London to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 048.604, December 3, 1974

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The PLO representative in London showed that, according to his organization, currently there are four countries which could play an important role in persuading Israel to recognize the PLO and to [contribute] to the start of talks [between the two], namely, the US, the USSR, the UK, and Romania.


He pointed out the situation in the US and the USSR is trickier because of their military commitments to one of the two sides of this conflict, although the US is trying to normalize its relations with the Arab countries. The UK has the disadvantage of having become – especially after the elections in October – ‘more pro-Israeli than pro-Arab’, which displeases the Arab countries and the PLO leadership. Romania has, in the opinion of the PLO, in the best position. The arguments he brought in favor of this idea are the following:


- [Romania] maintained relations with both sides of the conflict;


- [Romania] intensely developed its relations with the Arab states, especially after the Arab meeting in Alger in 1973;


- Romania’s constant, clear, and consistent position on the problems in the region;


- The personality of President Ceaușescu, who is very knowledgeable of the problems in the region; he possesses a clear vision on the possible evolution of the situation in the region, and at the same time, he is a sincere friend of Yasser Arafat.


The PLO representative, who is a close collaborator of Arafat, expressed, on this occasion, the ‘excellent and very forceful impression created by President Ceaușescu on Yasser Arafat.’


Referring to some divergent views between Romania and the PLO on the future status of Jerusalem, the PLO representative mentioned that although he ‘was aware that President Ceaușescu had a point when he said that the problem of Jerusalem is more delicate and will require a lot of time to be solved, the PLO wants Jerusalem and will do everything in its power to take it all back to the Palestinians.’


The Palestinian diplomat asked Romania to undertake renewed efforts and actions in respect to the US and Israel so that [these two countries] adopt a more conciliatory position towards the PLO and this way, open the path to a peaceful solution of the conflict.


At its turn, the PLO commits to end all terrorist activities, and, to the extent possible, to respond to any solution that may be proposed for the resolution of the conflict through negotiations.


Ambassador Pretor Popa


A telegram discussing the possible allies the Palestine Liberation Organization has in the United States, USSR, U.K., and especially in Romania.


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Arhiva diplomatică - Ministerul Afacerilor Externe, dosar 4009, problema 220/1974, pp. 55-56. Contributed and translated by Eliza Gheorghe..


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