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April 17, 1954

Telegram, Mao Zedong to Huang Kecheng and Su Yu

Huang (Kecheng) and Su (Yu):

(1) The opinions of Wei Guoqing and Su Yu should be adopted; the telegram by Peng Dehuai should not be dispatched. (2) Given that it is possible that an armistice could happen in Vietnam, it is not proper for the training of the newly established artillery units to be carried out on the territory of our country and it is desirable for the cannons to be transported into Vietnam at an earlier time. Please ask Wei Guoqing to make new plans.

Mao Zedong
April l7 


Telegram in which Mao Zedong instructs Huang Kecheng and Su Yu on how to proceed if an armistice is reached in Vietnam.


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Mao wengao, vol. 4, p. 480. Translated for CWIHP by Chen Jian.


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