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January 18, 1950

Telegram, Mao Zedong to Liu Shaoqi



(一) 今日下午四时半与恩来通电话(他已到斯维德洛夫斯克, 廿日下午五时可达莫斯科),觉得章汉夫资望方面有不够之处,可作副手,出席联合国中国代表团首席代表以洛甫担任为适宜,现起草了一个致联合国电报, 如中央同意即请于明十九日发出并公开支衰。(二) 据恩来说,高岗、富春都认为洛甫可充外交代表,惟未事先征得洛甫本人同意。请你于发表之同时去一电给洛甫, 说明因时间关系不及征求他同意,请他谅解,至动身去联合国的时间另电通知。(三)政府委员会完成任命手续可待将来第六次会议为之。如你认为有必要, 可于明十九日;邀集政席(府)各副主席及各党派主要负责人一谈。(四)因恩来即到莫斯科,故照会用李克农名义。(五)此照会和上次照会一样,于发出电报后,并分送在京苏捷波英法荷等国外交人员。(六)新华社发布新闻时,须介绍张闻天是中共中央委员,曾参加二万五千里长征及各项革命工作。(七〉办理情形望告.







Comrade [Liu] Shaoqi:


(1) This afternoon, at 4:30, I had a telephone conversation with [Zhou] Enlai (he has arrived in Sverdlovsk and will, probably, arrive in Moscow on 20 January, at 5:00 p.m.), and we felt that as Zhang Hanfu does not have the necessary prestige and qualification, he should be assigned as a deputy. It is more appropriate to let Luo Fu become China's chief representative to the United Nations. A telegram to the United Nations has been drafted, and if the Central Committee agrees, please dispatch it and publish it tomorrow, on the 19th.


(2) According to [Zhou] Enlai, both Gao Gang and [Li] Fuchun agree that Luo Fu [Zhang Wentian] is qualified to be [China's] diplomatic representative. But Luo Fu himself is yet to be informed. When you publish the telegram [to the United Nations], please send a telegram to Luo Fu at the same time, explaining that as we did not have enough time, we were unable to get his consent in advance, and that we thus ask for his understanding. He will be notified in a separate telegram for the time of his departure for the United Nations.


(3) The completion of the procedure on his nomination can be waited until the convening of the sixth session of the Government Council. If you feel necessary, you may summon the vice-chairpersons of the government and the leading members of the major parties for a discussion tomorrow, the 19th.


(4) Since [Zhou] Enlai will soon come to Moscow, the statement can be issued in Li Kenong's name.


(5) As what you did the last time, after the telegram is dispatched, copies of it should be sent to the diplomats of the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, and other countries in Beijing.


(6) When the Xinhua News Agency publishes the news, it must be introduced that Zhang Wentian is a member of the CCP Central Committee, that he participated in the 25,000-li Long March, and that he has been responsible for various kinds of revolutionary work.


(7) Please let me know of the progress of your arrangement on this matter.


Mao Zedong

5:00 p.m., 18 January [1950]





Mao Zedong informs Liu Shaoqi that Zhang Wentian, not Zhang Hanfu, ought to be appointed as the PRC Ambassador to the United Nations.


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Jianguo yilai Mao Zedong wengao (Mao Zedong’s Manuscripts since the Founding of the People’s Republic of China), vol. 1 (Beijing: Zhongyang wenxian chubanshe, 1987), 242; translation from Shuguang Zhang and Jian Chen, eds., Chinese Communist Foreign Policy and the Cold War in Asia: New Documentary Evidence, 1944-1950 (Chicago: Imprint Publications, 1996), 242-244.


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