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September 23, 1956

Telegram from A. Mikoyan to the CPSU Central Committee

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Top Secret



[to the] CPSU CC


We had a long conversation with Cde. Peng Dehuai on arrival in Pyongyang. The following from what he said deserves attention.


[1.] When the discussion touched on the CPSU CC decision about the cult of personality he declared that the CC of the Communist Party of China completely supports this decision of the CPSU CC. They know that Stalin gave a series of incorrect advice to the Communist Party of China, in particular when he demanded that the Chinese comrades join a coalition government with Chiang Kai-shek. However, they do not write about Stalin's mistakes on the issue of the Chinese revolution because when Stalin gave them incorrect instructions, in particular, about the Comintern policy, they carried them out; then in this case they considered themselves no less guilty than Stalin.


2. During the congress of the Communist Party of China Mao Zedong received the Egyptian ambassador in connection with the presentation of [his] credentials and had a long three-hour conversation [with him]. The Egyptian ambassador asked if China were able to help Egypt and how. Mao Zedong said that China was ready to help Egypt with everything that that it could in this just struggle, and in so doing stressed that regarding repayment of the aid that the Egyptians might not think about this now, they might think about this perhaps in about 100 years. Cde. Peng Dehuai added that they discussed aid to Egypt among themselves in a small group and came to the conclusion that in the event that military actions were forced on Egypt then material aid alone would be insufficient and that China would have to also give additional aid besides material.



[handwritten: A. Mikoyan

23 September

Authenticated: V. Chistov


The first copy was received

on 22 September 1956 Aleks[eyev]


MFA 23 September spets N610-611]


Peng Dehuai tells Mikoyan that the Chinese Communist Party fully supports the denunciation of Stalin's personality cult, partly because after the Chinese revolution, Stalin insisted that the new government take an inclusive approach to opposition parties. Peng also discusses Mao Zedong's recent meeting with the Egyptian ambassador.

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GARF, Fond 5446, Opis 98c, Delo 718, Listy 7-8. Translated by Gary Goldberg.


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