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April 26, 1966

Telegram of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Romanian Embassy in Beijing Regarding the Stopover in Beijing by the Romanian Governmental Delegation Led by Emil Bodnaras on their Return from the Visit in D. R. Vietnam

April 26, 1966

Bucharest 2010 hrs

No. 12 285

Flash Telegram [Fulger]


Comrade ad interim chargé d’affairs

We inform you at, on April 25 of this year, comrade Vasile Vlad, the chief of the Foreign Relations Section of the C.C. of the R.C.P., communicated to the Chinese ambassador that the party and government delegation that will be traveling in the reply visit to the D. R. Vietnam is formed of comrades Emil Bodnaras, head of the delegation; Paul Niculescu-Mizil; Vasile Vlad; General Ion Ionita, Vasile Gliga and Ioan Moanga and will arrive in Hanoi in the morning of May 5 of this year. The delegation departs from Bucharest on May 3 of this year, it will make technical stopovers in Karachi and Rangoon, spending the night of May 4-5 at Kumming or at any other location that the Chinese comrades consider most appropriate. The delegation will remain in Hanoi for 4-5 days and it would like, on its return between May 9 and 11 of this year, to make a short friendly visit for a day or a day and a half in Beijing to present our greetings to the Chinese comrades that are available to meet them; the stopover will be brief taking into account the forthcoming visit to Romania of a party and government delegation led by Zhou Enlai.

A navigator for the Rangoon-Kumming-Hanoi route has been requested from the Chinese organs.

The ambassador appreciated this communication as good news and declared in the name of the party and government that the prior invitation made to the delegation that will be departing to the D.R. Vietnam to visit Beijing remains valid. In connection with the other questions he said that he will communicate the response as soon as he receives it from the country.

The Chinese ambassador further said that he does not know the exact arrival date of Zhou Enlai in Bucharest.

(ss.) P. Silard


This telegram sent by member of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, P. Silard, to the Romanian Embassy in Beijing informs of the planned visit of a Romanian delegation to Hanoi, Vietnam and requests that the delegation briefly visit Beijing and present their greetings to the Chinese Communist Party.


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Document 291 in Budura, Relaţiile Româno-Chineze, 1880-1974: Documente (2005), page 785; AMAE, Fond Telegrame, Pekin, vol. 1, 1966. Translated by Larry L. Watts


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