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May 29, 1944

Telegram from Nikishov to Beria - Henry A. Wallace’s visit to the city of Magadan

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May 29, 1944

Top Secret

From May 24 to 26 inclusive of this year [1944], Vice-President of the USA  [Henry] WALLACE, together with three companions and four officers visited the city of Magadan. 

In the city he examined the port, the vehicle repair plant, a 10-year [students from 7 years to 16 years old] school, a canteen, a fur storage, the Soviet pig farm [svinosovkhoz] 23 kilometers outside of the city, and the House of Culture.

On the evening of May 25 of this year, [he] attended a concert in Magadan.

In Low Seimchan, [he] examined the settlement of the South Mining Industrial Directorate, as well as examined a school, a canteen, a children’s boarding house, a Party Cabinet [partkabinet] and watched the movie “Two Soldiers” in the club.

In the Western Mining Industrial Directorate, [he] examined the Susuman Soviet farm, a section of the Frunze placer mine, and inspected a gold ore processing machine [prompribor] at the “Komsomolets” placer mine. Free employees are working in both mines. At the Frunze placer mine Wallace talked to the workers.

Dalstroi NKVD Nikishov.

[Translators note: publication does not give the original addressee and no. of the cable.]



Ivan Nikishov reports to NKVD Commissar Beria on Vice President Henry Wallace's activities while visiting Magadan, Siberia in 1944.


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State Archive of the Russian Federation (GA RF), Fond R-9401, Opis’ 2, Delo 65, List 166. Published as Document no. 123 in Kokurin and Morukov, ''Stalinskie stroiki GULAGa 1930-1953'' [Stalin’s Construction Sites of the GULAG] (Moscow: Materik, 2005), 464. Obtained and translated for CWIHP by Vadim J. Birstein.


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