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May 29, 1989

Telegram No. 048 443 from the Czechoslovak Embassy, Beijing

Telegram from: Beijing

Received: May 29, 1989, 9.30 am

Prepared for Distribution: May 29, 1989, 11.00 am



Flash. For Immediate Distribution


No. 048 443.


The appearance of the Central Advisory Commission of the CCP, presented by its chairman and an extremely respected veteran of the revolution, Chen Yun, the written speech of the chairman of the Standing Committee of the People's Assembly of People's Deputies Wan Li and the standpoint of the CPPCC /the equivalent of the Czechoslovak National Front/ expressed by President Li Xiannian – they all have key importance as a confirmation of the development and the measures adopted by Central Committee and Government after May 19.


They completed the wave of support for Li Peng's solution at the highest level, above all, by confirming its legality, full legitimacy and compliance with the Constitution. Also significant support of the CCP Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. Additionally, qualitative shifts in the assessment of the situation.


For the first time, clearly stated in them: the emergence of contemporary chaos as a result of long-term disparagement of ideological work and Marxist-Leninist education. Disrespect of 4 basic principles /the leading role of the party, Marxism-Leninism, socialist path, democratic dictatorship of the people/. Ignoring the danger of fighting against bourgeois liberalism, contrary to the line of Deng Xiaoping, which was particularly emphasized.


The confession, so far unprecedented, that the events organized in a planned manner, driven by behind-the-scenes machinations and high political intrigues of a small number of people. Li Xiannian went furthest so far in stressing that the cause of the current very complicated situation originates from isolated individuals inside the party leadership.


Based on the embassy’s opinion, all major authorities and key top leaders have signed up to support Li Peng's solution and him personally, except for General Secretary Zhao. Although Deng did not make a statement by himself, he was being positively praised every day. Although further attempts to raise protests against Li Peng cannot be excluded /for example, a student march through the city again on May 28, although with a significantly limited scope and impact/.


It is possible to consider the current direction towards the restoration of stability as well as the cementing of the Li Peng's position as irreversible.


In this situation, it would be appropriate to shift the Czechoslovak propaganda from just providing information about the events in Beijing to take a position more expressively to support the concept that the entire Chinese leadership has signed on to today. The Chinese leadership is united in its positive assessment of the students’ initial initiatives, but condemns their transformation in tendencies against socialism, the leading role of the party, etc. It can be assumed that it would positively affect the further development of political and economic relations with the PRC. /PB, VLC./


SAUL 0259


Ambassador Eduard Saul recommends that Czechoslovakia more actively support the Chinese Communist Party.

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Archive of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs (AMZV), Telegrams Received, 048.401 - 048.800, May 26 – June 5, 1989. Contributed by Jan Adamec.


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