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May 23, 1974

Telegram No. 118, Embassy of Hungary in India to the Hungarian Foreign Ministry

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On May 22, Trivedi, the secretary general of the F[oreign] M[inistry] received the departing GDR ambassador, to whom he said that the Indian government was grateful to the socialist countries because they did not confront India over the Indian nuclear explosion, though they had signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.


The socialist ambassadors of this place consulted with each other on the Indian nuclear explosion, and concluded that it was appropriate on our part to adopt the position that having taken notice of the fact, we expressed our trust in the official Indian declaration, according to which the explosion served peaceful purposes (the communique published earlier this week). According to our common evaluation, under the present circumstances the Indian nuclear explosion might hinder Indian-American rapprochement and further aggravate Indian-Chinese relations.

-- 118 --

Five days after India's 1974 nuclear test, the Hungarian Embassy in New Delhi reports that the Indian government was grateful that the socialist countries had not confronted India on its nuclear explosion.

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Hungarian National Archives (Magyar Országos Levéltár, MOL). XIX-J-1-j India, 1974, 50. doboz, 60-406, 003434/2/1974. Obtained and translated for NPIHP by Balazs Szalontai.


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