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November 27, 1981

Telegram No.: MEX/104/1/81, Secretary Haig’s Visit to Mexico (November 23-24)

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DATE: November 27, 1981

Subject: Secretary Haig’s Visit to Mexico (November 23-24)

FROM: D.S. Kamtekar, Indian Embassy in Mexico

TO: Shri A.R. Deo, Joint Secretary (AMS & AD), Ministry of External Affairs

Telegram No.: MEX/104/1/81


…During the visit Haig delivered to the Mexicans US instruments of ratification of Additional Protocol I to the Treaty of Tlatelolco. The US had signed this Protocol on May 26, 1977 but the Senate ratified it only ten days before the visit. An interesting comment here is that the ratification shows only that the US does not really require the Latin American “intermediate bases – Panama, Guantanamo, Puerto Rico” – for military-nuclear purposes. On the other hand, the nuclearization of Latin America in the realm of peaceful uses of atomic energy (Brazil and Argentina) constitutes both a risk and a challenge in view of “the fragile distinction between peaceful and military uses.” Developments in Central America and the Caribbean will test the worth of US ratification.


The US ratified additional protocol I to the Treaty of Tlateloco for the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons in Latin America.


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