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June 15, 1962

Telegram from Polish Embassy in Havana (Jeleń), 15 June 1962

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Ciphergam No. 8941


Dispatched from Havana on 06.15.1962 at 22:20 and received at 06.15 at 20:15


Came to the Decoding Department at 06.15 at 23:35


To: [Deputy Foreign Minister Jozef], WINIEWICZ, Urgent


From: [Foreign Minister Adam] RAPACKI


In light of the party communique and a great response following an entire visit here in Cuba, we should encourage our press to give full weight to the visit. The [Cuban] response [we received] to the strengthening of the campaign of our visit, [especially] towards the end, will be really beneficial to us all over the world. We easily agreed on the communique. In my opinion, it is good. The German issue1 [in the communique] has been clearly muffled due to their [Cuba’s] relations with the FRG [Federal Republic of Germany]. Their support [for us regarding the German issue], which was after all declared on several occasions, will not brighten things up for us and it can only make things more difficult for them. We agreed that the communique will be published on Sunday morning.


[1] The reference here is to Poland’s post-WWII western borders along the Oder-Neisse line which were not de jure recognized by the Federal Republic of Germany.

Rapacki discusses the interplay between Cuba, Poland and the FRG (Federal Republic of Germany) in regards to their diplomatic relations with one another.

Document Information


Szyfrogramy from Hawana 1962, 6/77 w-82 t-1264, Polish Foreign Ministry Archive (AMSZ), Warsaw. Obtained by James G. Hershberg (George Washington University) and translated by Margaret K. Gnoinska (Troy University).


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