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October 31, 1962

Telegram from Polish Embassy in Havana (Jeleń), 31 October 1962

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Ciphergram No. 16077


Dispatched from Havana on 10.31.1962 at 13:30


Received on 11.01.1962 at 6:50


Came into the Deciphering Department on 11.01.1962 at 7:00




From: [Ambassador Boleslaw] JELEN1


According to unofficial information, the first conference with U Thant is said to have been difficult even though they have not yet discussed the issue of inspections. The Cuban side is said to have pressed the issue of the necessity to guarantee that the “5 points” proposed by Fidel Castro are taken into consideration. Cuba’s hardline position is expected on the issue of inspections. [Cuba’s Foreign Minister Raúl Garcia] Roa is expected to leave for the U.N. Goulart’s emissary [Gen. Albino Silva] left [Cuba] – as of now we still do not have the content of his conversations; he also met with U Thant.


The appointment of [Carlos] Lechuga as [Cuba’s] permanent representative to the UN is generally understood as a tendency toward a more flexible position [of Cuba] in this [international] forum.


[1] Poland’s ambassador to Cuba (1961-1965).


Jelen discusses Cuba's representation at the UN and meetings between U Thant and Cuban leadership officials.

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Szyfrogramy from Hawana 1962, 6/77 w-82 t-1264, Polish Foreign Ministry Archive (AMSZ), Warsaw. Obtained by James G. Hershberg (George Washington University) and translated by Margaret K. Gnoinska (Troy University).


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