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October 26, 1962

Telegram from Polish Embassy in Washington (Drozniak), 26 October 1962

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Ciphergram No. 15815


Dispatched from Washington, D.C., on 10.26.1962 at 23:00 and received on 10.27.1962 at 7:25

Came to the Decoding Department on 10.27.1962 at 7:30


To: [Foreign Ministry Director Eugeniusz] MILNIKIEL1

From: [Ambassador Edward] DROŻNIAK2


[This information has been compiled based on] a reliable source: yesterday at a confidential meeting with some of the leading journalists, [Secretary of State Dean] Rusk allegedly has said:


The latest statements of journalists, [claiming] that the relaxation of tensions of the overall political situation has allegedly taken place, do not correspond with reality. The situation continues to be serious.


The news and speculations in the press (including those of [the political commentator Walter] Lip[p]man[n] among others) that a possibility of reaching an agreement [between the United States and the Soviet Union] by means of simultaneously liquidating the bases in Cuba and, for example, in Turkey has allegedly surfaced, is not true. The issue of the liquidation of the bases on a foreign territory can be discussed later only within the framework of discussions on the question of the general disarmament.


Received by: […]3


[1] Eugeniusz Milnikiel (1905 -1969), former Polish ambassador to Great Britain (1953 -1956).


[2] Edward Drożniak (1902 – 1966), Poland’s Ambassador to the United States (1961-1966).


[3] Comrade Gomulka, Comrade Cyrankiewicz, Comrade Gierek, Comrade Jedrychowski, Comrade Kliszko, Comrade Loga-Sowinski, Comrade Ochab, Comrade Rapacki, Comrade Spychalski, Comrade Zambrowski, Comrade Zawadzki, Comrade Jarosinski, Comrade Strzelecki, Comrade Czesak, Comrade Wicha, Comrade Bodzilowski, Comrade Korczynski, Comrade Naszkowski, Comrade Wierna, Comrade Michalowski, Comrade Birecki, Comrade Katz-Suchy, Comrade Milnikiel.


According to Drozniak, US Secretary of State Dean Rusk has allegedly reported that the latest statements of journalists claiming the relaxation of tensions in the Cuban Missile Crisis do not correspond to the reality of serious tensions between the US and USSR.

Document Information


Szyfrogramy from Waszyngton 1962, 6/77 w-86 t-1312, Polish Foreign Ministry Archive (AMSZ), Warsaw. Obtained by James G. Hershberg (George Washington University) and translated by Margaret K. Gnoinska (Troy University).


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