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September 26, 1956

Telegram from Ponomarev to the CPSU Central Committee



[to the] CPSU CC


At the instruction of Cde. Peng Dehuai Cde. Shi Zhe just now passed to us that according to available information the resolution of the KWP CC plenum concerning which the delegations of our Parties agreed to in Pyongyang has not been published in the DPRK press. Cde. Peng Dehuai personally thinks that it is necessary wait until tomorrow. If the resolution is not published tomorrow then both our delegations ought to send a telegram to the Korean comrades about the need to publish the CC resolution in the press according to our agreement in Pyongyang. If the KWP leadership does not do this then obviously the leaders of our delegation ought to go again to Pyongyang in order to correct the situation. If it will be necessary to convene not only a plenum but also a Party congress to do this, then this needs to be done.


We replied that we will pass this report to Moscow.


The Chinese comrades said that they will wait for a response from Moscow.


In the course of the discussion Cde. Shi Zhe said that the CCP CC has information that during the stay of our delegations in Pyongyang Cde. Kim Il Sung said among his associates that the arrival of the delegations means nothing less than the interference of two older brothers in the internal affairs of the Korean Worker's Party.


Right now it would be advisable for the time being to ask Cde. Ivanov what information he has about this issue.


PONOMAREV 26 September 1956


[handwritten: authenticated: Chistov


MFA 25 September 1956 Special N1475



Peng Dehuai informs the Soviet delegation that the DPRK has not published the results of the Korean Workers' Party Central Committee Pllenum as promised. Peng suggests that if the DPRK fails to publish the resolutions, another joint delegation should be sent to Pyongyang.

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GARF, Fond 5446, Opis 98c, Delo 718, List 2. Translated by Gary Goldberg.


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