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March 13, 1984

Telegram, [redacted] to Comrade Damm

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Sender: Sofia – XXXX

Recipient: Berlin – Damm (XXXX, XXXX, XXXX [redacted])


Sofia, March 13, 1984

Dear Comrade Damm!

It is requested that the following text be transmitted to the head of the HVA:

“As you know, the Bulgarian citizen, Sergej Antonow [Sergei Antonov], continues to find himself in the hands of the Italian authorities, despite doubtless evidence for his innocence.

The information available to us about the course of the investigation indicate that the Roman judicial authorities are preparing a case against Antonow to accomplish the previously set goal of compromising the PRB and the socialist community as a whole. Press releases, interviews and other actions of C. Sterling and Paul Henze, who are closely tied to the CIA, play the most meaningful role for the political and propaganda goals pursued by the CIA and the Italian secret services by means of the exploitation of the “Antonow case.” Their recently published books, “Time of the Murderers” and “Conspiracy to Assassinate the Pope,” are a renewed attempt to influence the Italian investigatory agencies.

Irrespective of the decided rebuttal of the claims of Sterling and Henze, they are inventing ceaselessly new versions of the rudest and most outrageous lies against the socialist countries and in particular against the PRB and the USSR.

So, in addition to the other measures aimed at meeting the enemy’s campaign, we have the intention of preparing a range of steps aimed at exposing C. Sterling and P. Henze as very active associates of the CIA.

In this context, we would like to request the transmission of additional information and materials, if you have access to them.

I would like to take this opportunity to express our deep thanks for the fruitful cooperation in the struggle against our common enemy.

Our number: 226/84                                                                           

With socialist greetings,

XXXX [redacted]

Bulgaria claims the CIA is involved in the criminal case against Sergei Antonov.

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