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November 9, 1974

Telegram from the Romanian Embassy in Cairo, to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 028.028, November 9, 1974, Secret

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To the Second Directorate – Liaison


Reftel 02/024257:


There were rumours in Cairo as well that Yasser Arafat met Dr. Kissinger during his visits to Cairo or Damascus.


Egyptian newspaper sources told us that Dr. Kissinger had indeed, manifested his willingness to meet Yasser Arafat in Cairo, but [Arafat] said that he would agree to such a meeting only if Kissinger accepted for the meeting to be official.


The Head of Arab States Desk in the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs told me that, to his knowledge, there were certain private contacts between the PLO and the Americans, at a lower level, but that during his tour of the Arab countries, Kissinger did not meet Yasser Arafat. These rumours probably appeared because before meeting with Kissinger, both President Sadat, and President Assad, met Yasser Arafat.


Dumitru Dediu


Romanian Consulate in Cairo reporting that Kissinger and Arafat did not meet in Cairo, despite the news reports.

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Arhiva diplomatică - Ministerul Afacerilor Externe, dosar 4022, problema 220/1974. Contributed and translated by Eliza Gheorghe.


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