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April 16, 1972

Telegram from the Romanian Embassy in Vienna to Director Virgil Constantinescu

Telegram 78.269

From the Romanian Embassy in Vienna

To comrade Virgil Constantinescu, Director

Date: April 16, 1972

Classification: Secret


The IAEA Secretariat is still concerned with the inspection in Taiwan based on the existent agreements, given that it has an obligation to impose safeguards from which it has not been relieved. Even without a NPT safeguards agreement with Taipei, the Agency has to carry out the inspection as Taiwan has signed the Nonproliferation Treaty. Forbidding the inspection in Taiwan would not only be against the obligations stipulated in the NPT, but would also jeopardize security [and stability] in the Far East.

With this in mind, and being under US pressure, the IAEA is preparing to carry out an inspection in Taiwan (inspector Lewis Solem from the US) in May or June this year; the inspection is linked to Canada’s fissile material delivery and would fit in the inspections schedule for this region.

For obvious reasons, the US, Canada, and the General Deputy Director John Hall (US), and the Legal Department’s Director Shinyichi Sughihara (Japan) insist on continuing the inspections; John Hall’s position is explained by his nationality; Sughihara made clear that his government’s attitude is justified by the fact that abandoning the inspection jeopardizes Japan’s security. General Inspector R. Rometsch is also in favor of continuing the inspections in Taiwan.

The IAEA’s Board wants to consult the PRC’s government on this matter. The Director General, S. Eklund, would like to personally go to Beijing to talk [to the Chinese leadership] about the inspection in Taiwan and about China’s participation in the IAEA.

The PRC’s position would become clearer and these consultations could solve the issue regarding the inspections in Taiwan.

The IAEA would be willing to carry out the inspection, in a tacit manner, while informing the PRC’s government about all the details. We will discuss with the IAEA Director General next week (after his return) and we will keep you updated.


D. Aninoiu


The IAEA is preparing to carry out an inspection in Taiwan in May or June 1972.


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Archives of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Folder 3183/1972. Translated by Eliza Gheorghe


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