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June 30, 1950

Telegram, Shtykov to Cde. Gromyko

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30 June 1950



I am passing on a 30 June report of the High Command of the DPRK People's Army.


The American imperialists pushing their agents, the traitorous clique of Syngman Rhee, to launch an internecine war, have begun military interference in the internal affairs of Korea in order to colonize our Motherland. American aircrafts began to bomb cities and villages beginning on 26 June. At 1100, 26 June nine American aircrafts attacked the city of Gaeseong, which had been liberated by the People's Army. Our aircrafts put them to flight and, pursuing the American aircrafts, shot down two B-29's over Seoul. At 1730, 28 June six American aircrafts penetrated the [Geumcheon] area north of the 38th parallel with the goal of attacking Pyongyang. Our aircrafts in the areas of [Geumcheon] and [Gyedong] immediately engaged the enemy in battle. One American aircraft was shot down as a result of the battle. On the same day, American aircrafts in large formations conducted an air raid of the city of Seoul, which had been liberated by forces of the Peoples' Army. Squadrons of the air force of the People's Army engaged the American aircrafts in battle and forced them to turn back. An American four-engine aircraft, which was patrolling over the Suwon airfield, was also put to flight. Then, four American four-engine aircrafts at the same airfield were bombed. A squadron of the air force of the People's Army lost four aircrafts in air battles. At 1730 29 June 27, American bombers bombed the city of Pyongyang, dropping more than 300 bombs on the civilian population weighing from 50 to 500 kg. There were casualties among the civilian population as a result of the barbaric bombing.


Report of the Creation of People's Committees in Liberated Areas


Pyongyang, 29 June. In connection with the successful offensive of the heroic People's Army, the population of liberated areas are restoring their bodies of authority, the People's Committees. On 27 June, the People's Committee of the district of [Yeonbaek] of Hwanghae Province was restored, and on 28 June, a Provisional People's Committee was created in the district of [Ongjin]. Provisional People's Committees were created at mass meetings and with the participation of representatives of various sectors of the population. The Provisional People's Committees include representatives of workers, peasants, cultural workers, specialists, and representatives of partisans, who are defending the interests of the people and fighting against the Syngman Rhee clique.


Report about Partisan War in the South


Pyongyang, 29 June. The partisans and the population of South Korea supporting the offensive of the heroic People's Army, which, repelling the attacks of enemy troops, is fighting in the name of the salvation of the Motherland and the people, are launching a fierce battle to defeat the retreating puppet army of Syngman Rhee. According to reports, which have been received, the population of the district of [Sancheong] of the Province of South Gyeongsang joined with the partisan detachments, which were operating in the mountains of [Dinsan], are delivering strong blows against the retreating troops of the so-called army of "national defense" of Syngman Rhee, are killing reactionary landowners and policemen, and are expanding the territory of their operations. The partisan detachments of the areas of [Boseong], South Jeolla Province and [Hamyang], and South Gyeongsang Province are expanding the liberated areas with the support of the population and are advancing with fierce battles.  A movement of the people is developing in the areas of [Busan] and [Masan] together with the partisan movement, which is bringing confusion in the troops of the puppet army and the police.





Incoming Nº 1228-ag/ns

1 July 1950


Authenticated by: [illegible signature]

A report from the Korean People's Army on events in the Korean War from June 25 through June 30, 1950.

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Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, Dmitriĭ Antonovich Volkogonov papers, 1887-1995, mm97083838.

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