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November 29, 1950

Telegram from Shtykov to the USSR First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

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29 November 1950


On 28 November 1950 the secretary of Kim Il Sung, Mun Il, personally called me by telephone, and referencing Kim Il Sung, said that in fulfilling the terms of the agreement, Kim Il Sung is determined to send to Mao Zedong either Pak Heon-Yeong [Pak Hon Yong] or Pak Il-u [Pak Il U], though the Chinese comrades expressed through Pak Il-u their desire for Kim Il Sung himself to go, and that he, Kim Il Sung, is determined to call the members of the Political Council to him today to solicit their advice about issues that they must raise, and about whom they should send to China.


Mun Il said that Kim Il Sung asks your opinion on how Moscow would perceive this?


Recalling an order, I replied that it is his business, but, if he were to go himself, then it would not be bad.


T. Shtykov

Telegram from the Ambassador of the USSR to the DPRK to the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR about Sino-Korean talks about the trip of chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of the DPRK to China.

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TsAMO RF, fond 5, opis 918795, delo 124, list 429. Translated by James F. Person.


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