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January 30, 1950

Telegram from Stalin to Shtykov



1. I received your report. I understand the dissatisfaction of Comrade Kim Il Sung, but he must understand that such a large matter in regard to South Korea such as he wants to undertake needs large preparation. The matter must be organized so that there would not be too great a risk. If he wants to discuss this matter with me, then I will always be ready to receive him and discuss with him. Transmit all this to Kim Il Sung and tell him that I am ready to help him in this matter.


2. I have a request for Comrade Kim Il Sung. The Soviet Union is experiencing a great insufficiency in lead. We would like to receive from Korea a yearly minimum of 25,000 tons of lead. Korea would render us a great assistance if it could yearly send to the Soviet Union the indicated amount of lead. I hope that Kim Il Sung will not refuse us in this. It is possible that Kim Il Sung needs our technical assistance and some number of Soviet specialists. We are ready to render this assistance. Transmit this request of mine to comrade Kim Il Sung and ask him for me, to communicate to me his consideration on this matter.





Stalin asks Shtykov to relay a message to Kim Il Sung about North Korea's proposed offensive against South Korea and Soviet Union's request for lead from North Korea.


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AVP RF, f. 059a, op. 5a, d. 3, p. 11, l. 92, and RGASPI, f. 558, op. 11, d. 346, ll. 0069-0073. Translated by Gary Goldberg.


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