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November 8, 1950

Telegram from Zhou Enlai to Chai Junwu

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Chai [Junwu]:


[I] have received the November 6 telegram. Please tell Premier Kim [Il Sung]: (1) Concerning the matter of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army to Resist America, Assist North Korea, Protect Our Home and Defend Our Country (called Chinese People’s Volunteer Army for short, not called the Chinese Volunteer Army), it can be announced to the public.  The wording could take as a model China’s All-Parties Joint Declaration or what was stated in the broadcast on the 7th and in the newspaper.  Several sentences can just be given, briefly.  There is no need to say too much.  (2) Call on the North Korean army and people and the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army to work together closely, learn from each other and also send out a call emphasizing that the North Korean Army and people should persist in unity and persist in the long-term struggle.  Oppose looking at things in a gloomy manner.  (3) The enemy has announced that the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army has entered the war.  So this publicity will not cause other issues internationally.  The enemy is afraid of a long-lasting military operation in Korea, and has not prepared for a protracted war.  So they are passive and apt to panic.

Zhou Enlai

November 8 [1950]

Zhou Enlai gives instructions on advising Kim Il Sung to remain optimistic and publicize the Chinese People's volunteer Army's involvement in the Korean War, stating that the opposing side is not prepared for a protracted war and thus is prone to panic.


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Zhonggong zhongyang wenxian yanjiushi (CPC Central Historical Documents Research Office) and Zhongyang dang'anguan (Central Archives), eds., Jianguo yilai Zhou Enlai wengao (Zhou Enlai’s Manuscripts since the Founding of the PRC), vol. 3 (Beijing: Zhongyang wenxian chubanshe, 2008), 473. Translated by Jingxia Yang and Douglas Stiffler.


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