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July 27, 1978

UN Security Council Resolution 432 on Walvis Bay and Namibia

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Full text of Security Council Resolution 432 (1978) of 27 July 1978, adopted unanimously:


The Security Council,


Recallingits resolutions 385 (1976) of 30 January 1976 and 431 (1978) of 27 July 1978,


Reaffirming in particular the provisions of resolution 385 (1976) relating to the territorial integrity and unity of Namibia,


Taking note of paragraph 7 of General Assembly resolution 32/9 D of 4 November 1977, in which the Assembly declares that Walvis Bay is an integral part of Namibia,


Declares that the territorial integrity and unity of Namibia must be assured through the reintegration of Walvis Bay within its territory;


Decides to lend its full support to the initiation of steps necessary to ensure early reintegration of Walvis Bay into Namibia;


Declares that, pending the attainment of this objective, South Africa must not use Walvis Bay in any manner prejudicial to the independence of Namibia or the viability of its economy;


Decides to remain seized of the matter until Walvis Bay is fully reintegrated into Namibia.


Resolution of the UN Security Council, supporting reintegration of Walvis Bay into Namibia's territory.

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Reproduced by the Namibia Communications Centre and included in "Southern Africa in the Cold War, Post-1974," edited by Sue Onslow and Anna-Mart Van Wyk.


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