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April 29, 1949

Untitled report on Communism and Palestine

This document was made possible with support from Youmna and Tony Asseily


Beirut, Apr. 4, 1949

Number 76/ I mentioned in a previous report the new disagreement that is taking place between the Syrian Communist Party leaders and the division between those of them that are working on the Palestinian issue into two factions; one supports the Cominform policy of supporting Jewish communists headed by Abdul-Qadir Bikrash, and the other supports the policy of Arab nationalism headed by Rashad Issa.


I found out that Rashad Issa was invited to Haifa to meet with Khalid Bikrash and abdul-Qadir Ismail who are currently there.  He has left for Haifa indeed and is currently there.

Communist leaders have confirmed that important contacts are taking place in Palestine today between leaders of the four Communist Parties of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine, and Jewish communist leaders about the future of these parties and execution methods by agreeing with the Cominform.  Rashad Issa was only invited to travel to Haifa in order to eliminate this disagreement between himself and Khalid Bikrash and the rest of the party leaders.  They are hoping these communications will result in the removal of this disagreement.


I found out from another party that Israeli authorities are facilitating the meetings between leaders of the Arab Communist Parties by giving them the freedom to meet, therefore they decided to stay in Haifa to run the activities of the party from there.

I also found out that these communications are made possible through the efforts of Samy Sabah, [illegible], Ahmad Fakhralla and Ahmad Rashid Jabir, who are among the communists living in Jabal Amil, and Joaquim Arrasi and George Azzerbani, the two reactionaries.

Description of growing division between Jewish and Arab communists over the Palestinian issue.


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