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July 1951

Untitled report on Communist activities in Syria

This document was made possible with support from Youmna and Tony Asseily



An Iraqi man, Abdul-Hamid Mulla Ismail, has been back and forth to Beirut and Damascus from Iraq.  He is a prominent communist.  In Beirut, He’s been in touch with Abdul-Qadir Ismail.  An Iraqi woman by the name of Zainab Khrouji handles his paperwork.  She comes alone.



On Jul 13th, 1951, a meeting of democratic lawyers was held at the home of Mustafa Murad to put together a delegation representing Syria and Lebanon at Fifth International Conference for the Democratic Lawyers to be held in early September 1951 in Berlin.  It was decided that the delegation would comprise of Mustafa Murad, Ilias Shahin, Aakif Usairan for Lebanon, and Moris Salibi and Nasouh Al-Khafri for Syria.


The meeting held at the executive office of the Arab Parties Union on Dec 12th, 1951, in Beirut, was attended by Amil Shuma for Palestine and Abdul-Qadir Ismail for Syria.  The following was decided:


1- Responding to the invitation by the Soviet Committee for Peace Defense by attending its conference in Moscow next September.
2- Responding to the invitation by the Preparatory Committee of the World Economic Conference likewise held in Moscow next September.
3- Participating in the International Peace Council Session.
4- Not participating in the Conference held in Moscow next August.


Meeting are being held since early September 1951, by leaders of the two Communist Parties of Syria and Lebanon at the office of the Press Attaché of the Russian Commission located at the same building in Beirut.




Democratic Youth Conferences: First: in the year 1943, in London, where the “International Youth Council” was established and London is to be the headquarters. Second: on Oct 29th, 1945, a conference was held in London, lasting 12 days, at which it was decided to have national youth cooperation and establish an international organization permanently for the youth.




During a campaign to sign a call for peace, signatures were taken from Muhammed Abdul-Samad, the Sheik of the Druze of Lebanon and Syria, Delegate Abdul-Latif Al-Younis, Hassam Al-Hassani the Mufti of the Shiites and Archbishop Antonios Bishara from Lebanon.




The management of the magazine “Al-Tareeq” has decided to expel Faiz Al-Halabi from its management after it was proven that he was in contact with Ra’if Khouri and Emily Faris Ibrahim and providing them with information.




The magazine “Al-Katib” was issued in Egypt in early September 1951, which is a weekly.  It supports communism and is the voice of Ansar Al-Salam.




On Jun 30th, 1951, a new newspaper was issued in Damascus called, “Al-Salam” owned by and Ahmad Talas, who is also the Editor-in-chief.  He is from Aleppo.  It is the voice of Ansar Al-Salam and is fed information from the communists and from the Russian Commission.




Rafla Abu Jamra, Abdul-Latif Al-Hallaq and Madeline Hallaj are communists from Tyre, whom have gone to [illegible] near Jaffa on Jun 26th, 1951, to meet Amile Tuma and Amile Habibi, then returned to Tyre on the 28th then to Beirut.

The purpose of this meeting is coordinate contacts between the Palestinian and the Lebanese parties.



An Iraqi communist visits Beirut and Damascus, and several meetings are convened regarding Soviet engagement, including a meeting a democratic lawyers and Democratic Youth Conferences.


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