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June 27, 1989

Untitled report from Mieczysław Dedo, Polish Ambassador to the DPRK, concerning the visit of Yasser Arafat in North Korea (25-26 June 1989)

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Department of Africa, Asia,

Australia and Oceania

Received: 18 August 1992

No: K.R.L.D. 0-2413-89


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

After use, this code message

is to be destroyed according to

regulations regarding the

handling of secret documents



Copy no: 16


Code message No 4660/II   2931

From: Pyongyang



(-) Bojko     Com. Stawiarski


Com. Dedo by message no 135 of 27 of this month informs:


From the Palestinian Emb[assy]


The object of Arafat’s visit to the DPRK (25–26 of this month) was to deepen the traditional cooperation in the new circumstances (following the proclamation of the Palestinian state), particularly in the political and military sphere (mainly the training of several hundred Palestinian airborne troops by the local special forces, supplies of North Korean arms, handguns mostly).


The identity or similarity of views on international affairs that are of interest to both parties, including the situation in China („effective combating of US-inspired counter-revolution”). In this context characteristic was Kim Il Sung disapproval of “all so-called peace initiatives by Washington, including the Middle East issue.” A. construed it as an allusion to his Islamabad speech.



copy no 1  Com. Kucza

„     „  2  Com. Użycki   

„     „  3  Com. Pożoga   

„     „  4  Com. Górnicki

„     „  5  Com. Pawlak  

„     „  6  Com. Seweryński   

„     „  7  Com. Misztal   

„     „  8  Com. Sarewicz


copy no  9  Com. Olechowski

„     „  10  Com. Jaroszek

„     „  11  Com. Majewski

„     „  12  Com. Duchowski   

„     „  13  Com. Nowak

„     „  14  Com. Rapacki

„     „  15  Com. Staniszewski

„     „  16  Com. Stawiarski

„     „  17  Com. Szlęk

„     „  18  Com. Szymański




Poland's ambassador to North Korea reports on cooperation between the Palestinian state and the DPRK following Arafat's visit.

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AMSZ, Department II, 3/94, w. 3. Obtained by Marek Hańderek and translated by Jerzy Giebułtowski.


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