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August 12, 1978

Untitled report from Wolt, Polish Intelligence Station Beijing, concerning the mutual visit of Cambodian and North Korean delegations in China

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Date of receipt 12 August 1978

Time 09.40

[Stamp illegible

Received 12 August 1978]

No: 00H–006303/P/



No copies!

Copy no: 3


Code message No 4249

3/4 transmitted after 79 12 August 1978

12.20 from Beijing


[handwritten] SPCH KA


JAR – E – H


Concerns G iii. obt.[ained by] “Chang” from T. Huru – SRV councilor, received by “Wolt”, 12 August 1978.


Simultaneous visit to Beijing of two Cambodian delegations (deputy prime minister for defense Son Sen and deputy prime minister for foreign affairs Ieng Sary) as well as two Korean delegations (military – with Gen.  O Geuk-ryeol and cultural with deputy culture minister) were arranged by China in order to:


- jointly agree on the scope of DPRK material and propaganda aid for Cambodia


- explain to the DPRK and Cambodia that the Chinese – Japanese treaty now being prepared is no threat to their interests; the DPRK due to its debt is now being “held by the throat” by China, and hence its engagement at the Belgrade conference in accordance with China’s needs and military aid for Cambodia (two, three aircraft a week, weapons, uniforms, food). The current Chinese-Korean friendship is not based on solid foundations. The Koreans cannot fail to notice that the Chinese-Japanese cooperation and Chinese-American détente are in part at their expense, because they perpetuate the division of Korea. Vietnam could relatively soon resolve the current conflict with Cambodia by military means. However, it would not be an appropriate solution, because Cambodian society although generally dissatisfied with Pol Pot’s and Ieng Sary’s regime is not yet politically conscious enough and is not ripe for change.


/–/ Wolt




A Polish report from Beijing speculates on North Korean-Cambodian and Sino-North Korean ties.


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AIPN, 02011/600/D. Obtained by Marek Hańderek and translated by Jerzy Giebułtowski.


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