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October 13, 1966

USSR Council of Ministers Directive

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Per Point II, Prot. No. 23[1]




USSR Council of Ministers



From [blank] October 1966

Moscow, the Kremlin


In connection with address from the Government of the Hungarian People’s Republic:


1. In a partial change to the USSR Council of Ministers Directive No. 1220 from 30 May 1966, [I] give consent to the Hungarian side:


a. To cooperate in the construction of an atomic power station with capacity of 800 thousand kilowatts, putting the first unit into operation in 1975 and the second unit in one to two years after the start-up of the first unit;


b. To issue credit in the sum of up to 50 million rubles to the Government of the Hungarian People’s Republic to pay for the engineering equipment, instruments and materials supplied from the USSR for the atomic power station at the rate of two percent annually with repayment in equal portions over the course of 10 years, beginning in the year following the year of using the corresponding part of the credit;


c. To use the undistributed part of credits provided by the Soviet Union to the Hungarian People’s Republic per the Agreements from 18 December 1957 and 5 November 1958 to pay for supplies from the USSR of engineering equipment, instruments, and materials for the atomic power station


Payment for the cost of nuclear fuel for the first and for succeeding loads, design work completed by Soviet organizations, expenses for sending Soviet specialists on assignment to the Hungarian People’s Republic, and for production and technical training of Hungarian specialists in the USSR, expenses for consultations and expert reviews, as well as payment for the costs of engineering equipment instrument, and materials of the above noted sum of credit and the undistributed part of the previously issued credits must be accomplished by the Hungarian side per the Soviet-Hungarian Trade Agreement.

2. In order to carry out negotiations with the Hungarian People’s Republic on issues envisioned by the current directive, [I] confirm the USSR Government delegation in the following composition:


Com. V.N. Novikov – Deputy Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers


Com. A.M. Petros’yants – Deputy Minister of Medium Machine Building


Com. I.V. Arkhipov – Deputy Chairman of the State Committee of the USSR Council of Ministers for foreign economic relations


Com. N.M. Chuprakov – member of the collegium of the USSR Ministry of Power and Electrification


[I] instruct Deputy Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers Com. V.N. Novikov to sign this Agreement in the name of the USSR government.


Negotiations are to be conducted in Moscow or Budapest at times coordinated with the Hungarian side. In the case that negotiations are conducted in Moscow, expenses connected with the presence of the Hungarian delegation in the USSR, to include expenses for organizing lunch and breakfast in the name of the Soviet delegation, are to be effected from the account of the USSR Council of Ministers reserve fund.


Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers

A. Kosychin





[1] Translator’s Note: The following information is extracted from Protocol No. 23 of the CPSU CC Politburo meeting, finalized on 13 October 1966 and covering numerous resolutions made during 4 to 13 October 1966. A number of decisions were made during the meeting and listed in numbered points, including Point II.

The directive provides details on the decision to build the atomic power station in Hungary, and how payment will be handled.

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RGANI, f. 3, op. 72, d. 47, ll. 24-25. Contributed by Anna Pan and translated by Theresa Billow-Supple.


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