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May 21, 1986

VCh Message from Moscow, dated 18:20, 21 May 1986

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VCh message from Moscow on May 21 1986



In accordance with instructions given earlier to people subjected to the effect of ionizing radiation who are an in-patient department and have no signs of acute radiation sickness establish a diagnosis of occasional vascular [vegeto-sosudistaya] dystonia when discharging [them].


When receiving the maximum permissible* radiation exposure and in the event that they come into the in-patient department for observation workers enlisted in emergency work are also given the diagnosis of "occasional vascular dystonia" since they are practically healthy and will only not be subjected to being called on for further emergency work for a set period.


All information characterizing the state of their health ought to be noted in the history of the illness of these people.


Indicate "acute radiation sickness from combined radiation exposure" for victims who have been given a diagnosis of acute radiation sickness of the 4th, 3rd, 2nd, or 1st degree of severity with a designation of the degree of severity and an indication of the complications which occurred, including from radiation burns.


Victims in whom only radiation erythema has been detected (first degree burns) indicate in the diagnosis "radiation burns, 1st degree" with a designation of the site.


1st Deputy [USSR] Minister [of Health] Shchepin


Sent by Min'kova

Received by Vas'ko


Authenticated by G. Ye. Korneva, Chief of the Central Archive [signature]




[partially legible UkSSR Ministry of Health stamp]


[handwritten: 22 March 1991]


Sent by Deputy Minister Shchepin, the telegram states that those who are under observation for radiation exposure, but who do not show signs of serious radiation sickness, will be discharged with a diagnosis of “vegetative-vascular dystonia”. Those who have been diagnosed with radiation poisoning of higher degrees will be given the diagnosis “serious radiation sickness from associated exposure to radiation” with notes on its level of severity and specific details of complications, including radiation burns.


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Archive of the Ukrainian National Chornobyl Museum. Contributed by Anna Korolevska and Adam Higginbotham. Originally obtained from the Central Archive of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Translated by Gary Goldberg.


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