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July 8, 1991

Virendra Dayal, 'Note for the File'

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Note for the File


Ambassador Pak Gil Yon, Permanent Representative of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, saw me at 12.30 p.m. today on instructions from his Government. He handed me the attached letter and Declaration, both dated 2 July 1991, whereby the DPROK applies for membership of the United Nations. In doing so, the Ambassador underlined that, while the application was being presented today, his Government was flexible as to the timing of its consideration. He suggested that it should be taken up together with that of the Republic of Korea, when the application of the latter is received.


Ambassador Pak stated, in this connection, that he had been in touch with his counterpart from the Republic of Korea. Both of them felt that the admission of the two Koreas should be handled in the same manner as was the admission of the two Germanies. Ambassador Pak added that he understood that, as far as the Republic of Korea was concerned, certain parliamentary procedures had to be completed before the letter seeking membership of the United Nations would be sent to the Secretary-General.



Virendra Dayal/RB

8 July 1991


The DPRK handed in the letter and declaration whereby it applies for UN membership and suggested the application to be handled with that ROK in the same manner.


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