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April 29, 1982

Warsaw Military Court Sentences Zdzislaw Najder to Death



Court of the Warsaw Military District

Warsaw, May 28, 1983




In the name of the Polish People’s Republic


The court of the Warsaw Military District [...]




The accused citizen Zdzislaw Najder of France … to death … and also cancellation of all citizen rights in perpetuity and confiscation of all personal property...







Radio Free Europe announced on April 29, 1982, that the accused Zdzislaw Najder was appointed the new director of the Polish section of that radio.




Taking into account the generally known fact that Radio Free Europe is an organization subordinated to the special services of the United States (the CIA oversees and controls it in detail) and that all previous directors of the RFE Polish section have been career officers of the American intelligence service, an investigation of Zdzislaw Najder was initiated. […] the information collected led to the indisputable conclusion that Zdzislaw Najder cooperated with the intelligence service of the USA and that the information he provided was highly regarded by his superiors, who expressed their appreciation not only with American dollars but with naming him as director of the RFE Polish section ….


Although the accused Zdzislaw Najder attempts in interviews to persuade RFE listeners of his “modesty,” that he was not ready to assume the position, the [Radio] program following his appointment is exceedingly aggressive not only with respect to propaganda. This is evidence of his extremely detailed training for the position as part of his cooperation with the American intelligence service which for a long period utilized Najder in Poland to the detriment of Polish state interests.


RFE Polish Service Director Zdzisław Najder is sentenced to death in absentia for treason.


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Henruyk Piecuch,”Requiem dla Generala” (Warszawa, 2001). Obtained and translated by A. Ross Johnson.


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