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June 9, 1978

Winkelmann to Hermann Axen

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Winkelmann, SED CC Department of International Relations,
to Hermann Axen, 9 June 1978

[Introductory remarks]

Comrade Ponomarev is sending cordial greetings to you. In his opinion, Mengistu's recent speech does not allow for any [new] conclusions with respect to the [Ethiopian-Eritrean] talks in Berlin. Everything should be done as agreed upon. Even after this speech there is no reason for any nervousness.

Comrade Ponomarev had a long talk with Comrade Valdez Vivo on 9 June in which he also had an exchange of views about Mengistu's recent speech. The speech is considered as mostly positive. It corresponds for the most part with the recommendations of the Soviet and Cuban comrades with respect to the current situation and the necessary measures. It is in harmony with the agreements, which have been made with Mengistu.

Mengistu's speech, which contains the necessary elements for a peaceful solution of the problem, is the basis for the further work. Mengistu will travel in the next days to Asmara. It is planned to hold a meeting with the population in which Mengistu will explain his program for a peaceful solution. His recent speech is the prelude to this action.

[Concluding remarks.]

Winkelman is describing a recent speech by Mengistu, the leader of Ethiopia

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SAPMO-BArch, DY30 IV 2/2.035/127; document obtained and translated by Christian F. Ostermann.


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