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American Committee for the Liberation of the Peoples of Russia (AMCOMLIB)

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Popular Documents

January 21, 1953

Airgram No. 68 from Swift to Admiral Stevens, AMCOMLIB, with attachment 'Joint Agreement on Principles Governing Programs Broadcast by Radio Liberation'

AMCOMLIB official Swift provides Chairman Stevens with a draft of Radio Liberty program guidelines agreed between his office and the émigré Coordinating Center for the Anti-Bolshevik Struggle 

July 13, 1962

Memorandum by Stan Ward, 'Radio Liberty Programming'

A CIA official reviews for AMCOMLIB President Sargeant criticisms of RL programing made by RL policy advisor Tuck and suggests the need for additional management editorial control of problematic RL scripts.

December 18, 1961

Memorandum, Catharine Depuy to Howland H. Sargeant, 'Programs Broadcast from Madrid in Languages of Eastern Europe and the USSR'

AMCOMLIB policy official Dupuy conveys to President Sargeant her concern about the content of Radio Madrid broadcasts to the USSR and Eastern Europe.

January 1953

Letter, L.C. Stevens to Otis P. Swift, with enclosed reports 'The Role of Soviet Emigration' and 'Additional Note on 'The Role of Soviet Emigration'

AMCOMLIB Chairman Leslie Stevens provides his European deputy with his views on challenges faced by AMCOMLIB in facilitating a more united Soviet emigration as sponsor Radio Liberation broadcasting.

December 2, 1957

Letter, Howland H. Sargeant to Eugene Lyons

AMCOMLIB President Sargeant informs founding AMCOMLIB president Eugene Lyons of steps he has taken to monitor and insure the quality of RL broadcasts.