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Bulgaria. Ministry of Defense

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Popular Documents

October 31, 1946

Report from Bulgarian Intelligence on the Situation in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and France

A report on the political climate in Western Europe and the activities of the Bulgarian communities abroad. The author concludes that since a new war seems imminent, the diplomatic and intelligence apparatus needs to be overhauled and old cadres dissmissed.

September 17, 1948

Bi-Monthly Report from Bulgarian Intelligence on the Civil War in Greece

An intelligence report on the on-going Greek Civil War. Among other things, the report emphasizes the American support for the Greek government and the low morale in the National Army.

March 1, 1974

Bulgarian Military Intelligence Report on Turkish Military Operation in Cyprus

The Ministry of Defense has received information for Turkish plans for invasion of Greece in an event of escalation of the conflict in Cyprus.

October 26, 1945

Defense Ministry Intelligence Report on the Domestic Political Situation in Bulgaria

A Defense Ministry intelligence report on the domestic political developments for the month of September, 1945. The report presents the activities of the Fatherland Front government, the efforts of the opposition to discredit Fatherland Front’s policies; the acts of industrial sabotage of armed resistance groups; the work of foreign propaganda and the latest incidents in the armed forces.

July 4, 1946

Report from DS Chief in Sliven Region on Disclosed Military Conspiracy

A report on the investigation of a political conspiracy, said to be organized by Metodiy Chavdarov, a colonel at the Sliven garrison. The arrested colonel and his accomplices allegedly conspired to overthrow the Fatherland Front government, once the Soviet troops leave the country.