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Castro Ruz, Raul Modesto 1931-

Raul Castro, brother of Fidel Castro, was born in 1931 and is the former president of Cuba, having taken over the presidency when his brother stepped down in 2008. Alongside his brother, Castro was also a leader of the Cuban Revolution.

In 2021, he retired, making his vice president, Miguel Diaz-Canal, the president.

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Popular Documents

March 11, 1976

Minutes of the Meeting between Todor Zhivkov and Fidel Castro in Sofia

Conversation for the record between Zhivkov and Castro during a four-day-long state visit of the Cuban leader to Bulgaria. Among the main issues discussed was the state of economic development in both countries, their relations with Albania, China, Romania and Yugoslavia; the Cuban foreign policy in Africa and the Caribbean; the civil war in Angola; the battle for the Third World.

June 24, 1956

Mexican Federal Security Directorate (DFS), 'Investigation into a Conspiracy Against the Government of the Republic of Cuba'

Report documenting the arrest of Fidel Castro and fellow members of the "26th of July" group in Mexico. The report goes into great detail about the group's organization and training, and their plans for revolution in Cuba.

April 23, 1976

Raúl Castro, Report on Cuban Technical Assistance to Angola, 'Acerca de la necesidad de una masiva ayuda técnica (civil) a RPA'

Cuba’s minister of defense Raúl Castro recommends granting technical assistance to Angola.

September 11, 1962

Telegram from Soviet Ambassador to Cuba Alekseev to the USSR MFA

Alekseev reports on a conversation with Raul Castro where Castro reinforces the strength of the Soviet-Cuban relationship.

June 1976

Raúl Castro, Report on his Visit to Africa, 'Informe al Buró Político del Segundo Secretario del Comité Central del Partido Comunista de Cuba acerca de su visita... (19 de abril a 7 junio de 1976)'

Cuba’s minister of defense Raúl Castro reports on his visit to Angola, the USSR, Congo Brazzaville and Guinea Conakry, 19 April - 7 June 1976.