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Chen, Cheng 1898- 1965

Chen Cheng (陳誠) served as Vice President (1954-1964) and Premier (1950-1954; 1958-1963) of the Republic of China (ROC) or Taiwan.

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Popular Documents

August 27, 1957

Special National Intelligence Estimate Number 43-2-57, 'The Prospects of the Government of the Republic of China'

Analysts at the CIA write that "the National Government remains politically stable and the economy of Taiwan continues gradually to improve. The military establishment is growing stronger, but Nationalist forces alone could not defend their territories against a full-scale Chinese Communist attack."

October 9, 1956

National Intelligence Estimate Number 43-56, 'The Prospects of the Government of the Republic of China'

This National Intelligence Estimate concludes that "the Government of the Republic of China continues to exercise firm political control on Taiwan. With US assistance, an expanding economy has been maintained and the strength of the armed forces has been increased. At the same time, however, the international position of the National Government has declined, causing an increased feeling of insecurity and concern for the future."

December 19, 1967

Minister of National Defense Chiang’s Visit to Japan

The Japanese Foreign Ministry summarizes Chiang Ching-kuo's recent visit to Japan: who Chiang met with and what he discussed during his meetings; where Chiang travelled and his activities; and the responses, both domestic and foreign, to Chiang's visit.

May 17, 1959

Several Notices from the Central Committee regarding Taiwan Work

The CCP Central Committee outlines its strategy toward Taiwan and how provincial and municipal level bodies in the PRC can effectively contribute to undermining Chiang Kai-shek's rule.

January 10, 1960

Central Committee Taiwan Work Small Group Report to the Central Committee and Central Committee Guidance regarding the Situation at the 10th Session

A group of senior CCP officials outline how the Party can both plan for a "military resolution while striving to achieve a peaceful resolution" with regards to Taiwan.