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Chervenkov, Vulko

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Popular Documents

July 29, 1949

Record of I. V. Stalin's Conversation with V. Chervenkov, P. Damyanov, and A. Yugov on the Issues of Bulgaria's Internal Political Life

Stalin and delegation of Bulgarian officials discuss ongoing political and economic situations in Bulgaria. In addition, Bulgaria's relationship with Yugoslavia is discussed.

January 16, 1950

Information at Bulgarian Plenum on Stalin's View on the Purges in the Bulgarian Communist Party

Georgi Chankov and Vulko Chervenkov present a report before the BCP CC on their recent meeting with Joseph Stalin, Georgi Malenkov and Nikolai Bulganin in Moscow. Among the issues discussed were the ongoing purges in the BCP, the role of the Agrarian Movement in the government, the state of the Bulgarian armed forces and the Bulgarian industrial and agricultural production.

May 23, 1949

Cipher Telegrams Regarding Bulgarian Request to Sending Soviet investigators to Sofia

Stalin and Molotov approve a BCP CC request for the dispatch of Soviet investigators to assist in Kiril Slavkov’s trial

October 18, 1949

Cipher Message from Kolarov and Chervenkov to Stalin on Investigated Bulgarian Armed Forces Commanders

Vassil Kolarov and Vulko Chervenkov report on the measures taken against Bulgarian cadets at the Voroshilov Military Academy implicated in unlawful activities.

October 13, 1955

CC BCP Politburo Resolution "B" Protocol for Cooperation between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Stasi

The CC BCP Politburo approves the protocol for cooperation between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the East German Ministry for State Security (Stasi), agreed upon at a September meeting in Berlin.