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Czechoslovakia. Embassy (China)

Documents produced by or related to the Embassy of Czechoslovakia in the People's Republic of China.

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Popular Documents

September 7, 1968

CSSR Embassy Peking, 'Position of the Chinese People’s Republic regarding the Occupation of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, Comments in CPR Press and the Attitude of CPR Organs toward Our Representative Office in Peking'

Account of the CPR's position regarding the Soviet occupation of the CSSR through press statements and statements by officials.

October 10, 1969

Telegram Number 1930-33, 'China and the European Socialist Countries'

Etienne Manac’h reports that although China may soon re-appoint ambassadors to Eastern Europe, officials from Poland and Czechoslovakia are skeptical of China's policies toward their countries.

May 6, 1968

Cable from the CSSR Embassy, Peking, 'Thesis and Proposals for the Development of an Action Plan of the Communist Party and Government of Czechoslovakia regarding the Relations between Czechoslovakia and Chinese People’s Republic'

Proposals for Communist Party action regarding the CPR activity, including overall objectives in the CSSR-PRC relationship, general foreign policy outlook, and specific measures like fighting against the theory of "two Chinas."

June 1, 1989

Telegram No. 048 626 from the Czechoslovak Embassy, Beijing

The Czechoslovak Ambassador in Beijing reports on the latest meetings with Chinese officials and the activities of demonstrators at Tiananmen Square.

May 30, 1989

Telegram No. 048 517 from the Czechoslovak Embassy, Beijing

Saul reports on the movements of demonstrators at Tiananmen Square as well as the latest statements by the CCP leadership.