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Dimitrov, Georgi 1882- 1949

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Popular Documents

January 10, 1945

Notes of G. Dimitrov on a Phone Call from Stalin

Stalin expresses his support for an equal Bulgarian-Yugoslav confederation; cautions the Yugoslav delegation against interfering in Greece.

March 18, 1944

Letter, Dimitrov to Molotov, 'The Situation in the People's Party of Iran'

Message from Dimitrov to Molotov about the 1944 Iranian elections and the upcoming merger of the country's trade unions. Dimitrov attributes the People's Party's loss in the election to corruption among its opponents, but states that the campaign for the People's Party was successful in introducing its ideas to Iranian citizens.

July 26, 1948

Cipher Message from G. Dimitrov to I. Stalin and V. Molotov

The Bulgarian government is disturbed by the recent dislocations of Yugoslav armed forces along the Bulgarian-Yugoslav border in the Macedonia region. Officials in Sofia fear a Yugoslav attempt to annex Pirin region to Macedonia.

December 9, 1941

Cable from Dimitrov to Stalin, Molotov, Beria, and Malenkov

Cable to top Soviet officials advising against reviving the Communist Party of Iran, and instead advising its members to work through the People's Party. Kuybyshev believes the Communist Party would be too small to be significant, and would give British and Nazi agents in Iran an opportunity to turn Iranian elites against the Soviet Union.

July 1, 1947

Cipher Telegram from G. Dimitrov to J. Stalin on Damyan Velchev’s Behavior in Switzerland

Report on the activities of the former Defense Minister and Chief of the Bulgarian mission in Bern, Damyan Velchev, against the new Bulgarian regime.